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Natalie and Dean


Met: 10 December 2004 at The Blue Goose
Started dating: 2 January 2005
Got engaged: 30 June 2012
Married: 11 May 2013


Natalie, born in September 1988 is a Marketing Coordinator for Franchising Plus & International company, Whichfranchise.

Natalie is shy at first but warms up eventually. This has been noted by Dean as he introduced her to his enormous family in bits and pieces.

When she met Dean, she could not believe her eyes. A sucker for big smiles, her friend eventually told her to shut up when she constantly mentioned how hot he was.

In all seriousness, Natalie loves vegging in front of her latest episodes of the top series, spending time and keeping in contact with her friends and as Dean says, working on his nerves.


Dean, born in August 1984 is an Senior Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at ExecuJet.

He is known for his funny, witty one liners and loves his Vodka & Pizza.


When he met Natalie in her little skirt and top, he thought she was a snotty, stuck up, yet cute with big blue eyes, 18 year old studying at UJ – She was shy, dumbstruck by his gorgeous smile, 16 and still at school.

In all seriousness, he loves to entertain, spend time with friends & family and as Natalie says, ‘constantly work on the house in all his spare time and drag her into it.’